Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twilighty Twits

Two 'twends' I can't comprehend these days are Twilight and Twitter. I'm not going to rant on either one or tell people to stop following these twends, I'm just simply saying I just don't get the appeal.
Well lucky for me the intertron is a great source of other people's thoughts and feelings on the subjects and I happened to find a couple of links that I thought I'd share.
Link the first. Every girl loves that hunky lead actor from Twilight, right? Well check this out:

Someone get that kid some Axe.

And then there's Twitter, a glorified status message board if you ask me. Doesn't anyone call anyone or write letters anymore? When I was younger my phone had a really long curly cord that wrapped around everything as I wandered around the house talking to my girlfriend, and I'm not even that old! Again, this isn't a rant, but I can relate to the main character in this particular video:

So there you go. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get down to the telegraph office before it closes.

The Wandering Oak

Next week: UGG Boots and why they're just wrong.


  1. I definitely think no one under the age of 70 is writing letters anymore. I do thin twitter is useful for quickly reporting information during emergencies but otherwise it seems like a lot of fuss for nothing.

    Twilight is creepy. Psuedo Mormon virgin vampires is a strange thing to be excited about.

  2. now now...don't go getting your twitter in a bunch.

    *snort* :D

  3. I twitter and I don't know why...And I haven't yet read or seen Twilight.

    I think I might be dead.

  4. Ugggg to the actor.

    Ugggg to Twitter.

    Ugggg to Uggs.. Never understood them, never will.


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