Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Merlin's Safe Haven

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Meet Merlin, our 10-year-old American Short hair Tabby.

My wife and I have been Merlin's support staff since he was a tiny 8 week old kitten. Like many cats, Merlin is half Indiana Jones and half Chicken Little. He can be very adventurous and has to explore any open cupboard or empty cardboard box, but the instant something frightens him (such as the garbage/recycling trucks, vacuum cleaner, or loud house guests) he'll run and hide until the coast is clear.
His usual safe haven is high atop the cupboard above the fridge. He's done this in every apartment we've lived in since he was a kitten so we try to keep a clear path for him. Three quick hops - counter, fridge, cupboard - and he's safe.

I must admit, there have been times in my life when I've envied our cat. Sometimes it would be nice to have a safe place to run and hide out for a little while when life gets loud and scary.

The Wandering Oak


  1. Great feline! No fear of heights there.

  2. I forgot that your Merlin looks like my Guido! :) A fine cat. Fine fine cat :)

  3. Laoch, Heights have never been a problem for him.

    Haphazard, Merlin also looks like the cat on one of his favorite brands of cat food. :)

  4. My hiding spot is my bathroom which is off my bedroom. The kids know better than to bang on my bathroom door with "Mom, Mom, Moooooooom."

  5. There are rumours I occasionally hide under the bed to avoid certain people even at the grand old age of 20-something. I plead the fifth.

  6. I love that cat! But then I love them all.


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