Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Still Here, I Just Bought a New Home Is All...

Hey friends!
I know I've slipped off the Radar lately, but I'm still around. My job as a painter is still keeping me pretty busy, but what's really been filling my time lately is getting ready to move into the new condo Megan and I just purchased.
The process of buying our first home has been a long one, but it's almost over. We signed the last of the legal documents a few days ago and if all goes well we will have the keys in our hands tomorrow! We're not moving in until the end of the month, but we can officially say the place is ours!
My friend Kate and her husband are just starting out on the same journey to find their first home and I wish them all the best.
Hey! I just had an idea for tomorrow's photo of the day on my 365 page...the keys! Speaking of my other page, have you folks been checking out my pictures? I've been posting one a day for almost 70 days now. I don't get too many comments, so I really have no idea how many people see that page, but I don't care (okay maybe I do, a little). I took on the challenge to see if I could do it. My friend Chelle warned me it would be tough, and she was right, but I'm not going to give up.
Well I'd love to stay and chat, but I've still got some packing to do and I'd best get to it. As you can see, our cat Merlin is eager to help...

The Wandering Oak


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