Monday, April 12, 2010

Losing Our Property Virginity...

Hey folks!
   Some of you might have read on my Facebook page that my wife and I have been on a quest to lose our property virginity and purchase our first home. Anyone who's ever been in this situation knows how exciting and frustrating this can be.
   We've looked at a dozen different properties. Most of them were instant rejects and the few that we did like usually had one or two features that were deal breakers such as no in suite laundry or the building itself needed too much work - or the cost was too high.
   There is one place out of that dozen that really jumped out at us and has everything we're looking for: in suite laundry, additional storage downstairs, a bike lock-up room, great location, and a fully renovated building. So, after discussing it at length and sleeping on it for one night, we decided to call our realtor yesterday and tell him we wanted to put in an offer. I think he was pleasantly surprised!
   I think the offer we presented is pretty fair and the realtor agreed, so now my wife and I are holding our breath as we wait for a response. If the offer is accepted and everything else goes through without any snags then we will be homeowners by the end of the week and be moving in early June!
   I'm going to have a hard time focusing at work today...

The Wandering Oak

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  1. good luck, a good home is the best investment one can make


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