Monday, March 22, 2010

In Bloom

Hey hey!

So the first day of Spring arrived this past weekend and I couldn't be happier. The days are getting longer and warmer, birds are singing, and everything's in bloom! Actually, here in Victoria (and most of southern BC) the plants have been in bloom for a few weeks now.

This photo was taken in February!

I really like the cherry trees around here.

Yellow Crocus.

This young Magnolia tree is located just across the street from my apartment.

Even the plants on our balcony are staring to wake up after their long winter hibernation:

This is my wife's beloved Hosta. We've actually been taking photos of this plant since before it sprouted over a month ago so that we can track it's growth. At the end of the season I'll put all the photos together in a time lapse video.

Finally, this is our Japanese Maple. Every year it gets bigger and bushier and this year I suspect it will take up the whole south corner of the balcony. That is, as long as we can solve the aphid problem...

As the season goes on I'll try to get more photos, but this is all I have for today my friends. I can't wait until my favorite big old oak trees start to really wake up. Have a good day, everyone!

The Wandering Oak


  1. I'm in Victoria in less than a month. It had better look like that when I'm there, otherwise I'm gonna be some pissed ;o)

  2. Laoch: It is, but it's also a little tough on people with pollen alergies.

    Elana: Well the cherry trees are starting to lose their flowers and it looks like pink snow everywhere, but everything else is still looking very nice. The tulips are up and it won't be long before the city crews start hanging flower baskets from the street lights downtown.

  3. I've been in Victoria/Esquimalt in the summer and loved it - the landscaping some people do is just breathtaking. I was hoping to catch the cherry blossoms in bloom, but you guys have freaky weather and get spring in February, whereas I'm in a climate where we just got snowed on again today. *sigh*

  4. I have a Spring in my step. :)


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